How to get here.

Upon leaving São Jorge airport, you should catch a taxi to Fajã dos Cubres, making a compulsory stop at the nearest supermarket on the way (Compre Bem, Calheta). This is essential, as the houses are self-catering. All taxi drivers have a fixed fare with a 30 minute stop at the supermarket. It usually costs between €35.00 and €45.00, depending on whether you rent a car or a van.

When you reach Fajã dos Cubres, you will be met by a member of staff who will take your luggage and shopping to the property by quad bike. The best way to reach the property is on foot. It is a magnificent 20 minute walk with breathtaking views of the area along the way (Unesco Biosphere Reserve). Well worth the effort!


A local company offers a quad bike taxi service for anyone who would prefer not to walk.
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