The Fajã

Take a deep breath and leave the rest to Nature.

    The Atlantic

    The energy of the ocean.

    All the Stone Houses are facing the magnificent Atlantic. We can call it a "private" beach, although nothing in Nature should be exclusive. It is a wildlife lover's paradise and a surfer's dream. A soul-restoring experience!


      At your own pace.

      Enjoy the sensation of going back in time, a time where you can take life at a leisurely pace. Disconnect from the stress of life today and become one with nature. Choose from a variety of trails to take you on that journey.


        A well kept recipe.

        The mouthwatering clams of São Jorge come from the Lagoa da Fajã de Santo Cristo, the only place in the Azores where this mollusc breeds. Take the opportunity to dive in the lagoon and savor this divine experience!


          Go with the flow.

          Stumble upon crystal clear waterfalls in a sea of green. The perfect invitation for any weary hiker. Cool off in the calm soothing water and recharge your body, mind and soul.


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